Owner FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions

  • Am I required to make my property available to Section 8?

    No you are NOT forced to make your property available to Section 8, although we have some owners who do.
  • Are you licensed?

    Yes, we are licensed to both manage and sell real estate.
  • Can you put the money directly into my account?

    Yes, it is simple. You’ll provide your information to our accountant who will do an ACH deposit into your account each month.
  • Do I get to see the lease or sign it?

    No, you have hired us as your agent to handle this; however, if there is some concern or question that needs to be addressed prior to renting to someone, we will gladly contact you.
  • Do you sell real estate too?

    Absolutely! We have several sales agents to assist you in selling or purchasing. We have helped our investors find rental properties in order to grow their portfolio as well as we have sold investments when owners are ready to do something else. We also have sold our investors’ personal homes and assisted in locating the new home of their dreams as their home needs change.
  • How and when do I get my checks?

    We pay out on about the 25th of each month. This allows us to collect (even if a tenant is late), to assure ourselves that no payment has nsf’d and to pay vendors who may have completed maintenance on your investment.
  • How is rent collection handled?

    It is due on the first of each month, but there are grace periods where late fees may occur and deadlines as to when we might file evictions.
  • How long of a lease do you sign?

    Twelve month leases unless we have talked to you. Occasionally we have prospective tenants who are building a home or transitioning in some way that may want a short term lease such as 6 months. The rental amount per month would increase if you are willing to accept this. Since there is so much building going on, this does happen fairly often.
  • How much security deposit do you charge the tenant?

    The security deposit is based on their credit score and ability to pay. If all is as it should be, the security is one month of rent. If they have NO credit or have a lower rate than we desire then if may be a month and ½. There are a few situations in which we might request a two month security deposit, but this is rare.
  • How soon can you start managing my property?

    That is according to the condition of the property and if it is already occupied or vacant. Some properties need improvements prior to marketing and we can assist in this area as well. Our broker/owner also does interior design so often doing small things (like changing the color of the front door/shutters, changing a few light fixtures, planting some shrubs out front) can change a property enough to increase the expected rental range. Also, we have vendors who can do improvements needed. Just ask us for help.
  • What type of properties do you manage?

    We manage single family residential homes, duplexes, small apartment complexes, storage units and some commercial offices.