About Us

Gates Management & Realty is completely committed to providing best-in-class property management and the best-in-class residential real estate sales assistance in Hillsborough, NC and the surrounding regions.

We’re very proud to work in such an energetic part of the country, where the beauty of small-town North Carolina integrates seamlessly with the powerhouse educational institutions and other industries of the Research Triangle and the Piedmont Triad.

The Gates Management & Realty team loves finding the perfect rental home for anyone relocating to this exciting area. And, in the process, we’re grateful for the responsibility of managing investment properties for their owners. We also love to sell your home in the area or to assist you in locating the home of your dreams.

We treat all of our clients with respect, and we truly don’t consider our work fulfilled unless our residents, owners, buyers or sellers are entirely satisfied with it.

We hope you take full advantage of this “virtual office” of ours here at the Gates Management & Realty website, rich with information and full of tools for managing your account if you’re one of our current clients

Meet the Team

Picture of Vickie

Vickie is owner/broker and has been serving some of you for over 25 years in rentals and sales. It is our hope to continue to serve ALL your real estate needs for many years to come.

Many homes in the triangle area have received a design touch by Vickie. She has worked magic on the interiors and exteriors of homes since 1990. For more info, click on the INTERIORS button at the bottom of this page

Picture of Gordon

Gordon is our property manager. He works with our owners to determine rental values, to work through the application process of determining who will rent the properties, handles all maintenance issues for you and is your go to person if you are the property owner. He is a licensed realtor who can assist you in listing your properties for sale as well.

Picture of Sheila

Sheila is our accountant and agent assistant. She collects the rents, pays the vendors and sends the monthly statements & checks to owners. Sheila, also, assists the agents with real estate contract clerical work as needed and inputting properties into our website and MLS.

Picture of Len

Len Moss has been a realtor with Gates for many years. He teaches and comforts the fears of first time buyers or even those who have not purchased in a long while (remember real estate rules and regs change annually). He loves to research values for your personal home, land or commercial properties…

Len has assisted many individuals in growing investment portfolios and locating homes that can be resurrected into something desirable to either be flipped or rented. With an engineering background, a history of plant management in the textile industry and being a local from the Burlington area, Len Moss has the knowledge to handle all your real estate needs.

919.636.0459 len@thegatetohome.com
Picture of Murray

Murray Baldwin has been in real estate for many years. He is not only a realtor, but a cattle farmer so he knows lots about farms, houses, and land. When you hear his voicemail saying he is “out in the field” that could be either the real estate field or the “real” field. Feel free to contact Murray with your real estate needs.

919.604.0285 Jebmwb97@aol.com
Picture of Victor

Victor has been in the real estate business as an investor and home renovator, for over 25 years. He was born and raised in Chapel Hill, is a life-long Triangle resident and has a very strong understanding of the real estate market in and around the Triangle area. Contact Victor Poole for assistance in your real estate needs.

Interiors by Vickie McDaniel in Historic Hillsborough