About Us

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Gates Management & Realty is completely committed to providing best-in-class property management and the best-in-class residential real estate sales assistance in Hillsborough, NC and the surrounding regions.

We’re very proud to work in such an energetic part of the country, where the beauty of small-town North Carolina integrates seamlessly with the powerhouse educational institutions and other industries of the Research Triangle and the Piedmont Triad.

The Gates Management & Realty team loves finding the perfect rental home for anyone relocating to this exciting area. And, in the process, we’re grateful for the responsibility of managing investment properties for their owners. We also love to sell your home in the area or to assist you in locating the home of your dreams.

We treat all of our clients with respect, and we truly don’t consider our work fulfilled unless our residents, owners, buyers or sellers are entirely satisfied with it.

We hope you take full advantage of this “virtual office” of ours here at the Gates Management & Realty website, rich with information and full of tools for managing your account if you’re one of our current clients

Meet the Team

Picture of Robin

Robin Lindblad is our Director of Leasing and a Provisional Broker. She will walk you through the rental process from beginning to end. She is responsible for much of our marketing of rental properties on the website and MLS as an Agent Assistant. Robin is also our project person responsible for following up on insurances (tenants, owners, and vendors). On a personal note, Robin is the Director of the Elementary Children’s Program at her church and an annual ribbon winner in the cross-stitch competition at the NC State Fair in Raleigh each fall. She is here to help!!!

Picture of Sheila

Sheila Hall is our Director of Accounting and an Agent Assistant. She is responsible for collecting funds, paying vendors, sending monthly checks/statements to the owners as well as real estate clerical work such as late letters and filling out the forms for any evictions that we may be required to do. Sheila inputs new properties/owners/tenants into our software system and is responsible for sending the Property Management Agreements to Owners and the Leases to tenants! As an aside, Sheila is an avid cross-stitcher and does diamond dotting. (If you don’t know what that is, just ask her! I’m sure she’d love to tell or show you!)

Picture of Gordon

Gordon Baker is our Property Manager. He is the one to meet a new owner at a property to assess its validity as a rental investment. He determines what improvements must be accomplished to acquire the largest rental income per month and assists by researching a monthly rental value based on comps in the area. Gordon handles the maintenance for your investment and is your “go to�� person for both owners and tenants. He’s a licensed Realtor who lists investment homes for sale if you are ready to close out this part of life. Words about Gordon – he has the gift of calm in calamity – it must be from hanging with all his grandkids!

Picture of Vickie

Vickie McDaniel is Owner/Broker in Charge of Gates Management & Realty. She has been serving some of you for over 28 years in both Rentals and Sales. It is her hope to continue to serve ALL your real estate needs for many years to come. Vickie is currently, at the state level, a Governor with NC Realtors for the Property Management Division for the next 2 years. She has worked on the forms committee for the last two years with Will Martin. Martin & Gifford have served our state as the general counsel for NC Realtors for many years and provide us with a legal hotline when we have questions and concerns. She is also a member and avid supporter NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) where she learns what is happening locally and nationally so that her firm can keep up with the times, the trends and the economy. Vickie is gardener of lovely flowers, a cook (and lover of cookbooks), a reader, “wanna be” writer and an aunt to her first Great Nephew, Little Luke!

Picture of Len

Len Moss has been a Realtor with Gates for many years. He teaches and eases the fears of first-time home buyers (or even those who have not purchased in a long time) as he walks you through the process of buying or selling. Real Estate rules and regs sometimes change annually so he keeps up with that knowledge for your protection. Len enjoys researching values for your home, land or commercial properties. His relaxation is reading novels and walking (outside or on the treadmill in his office). His collection of books continually changes as he purchases new novels and passes them on as he donates them to charities afterwards.

919.636.0459 len@thegatetohome.com
Picture of Murray

Murray Baldwin has been in real estate for many years. He is not only a Realtor, but a cattle farmer so he knows lots about farms, houses, and land. When you hear his voicemail saying he is “out in the field” that could be either the real estate field or the “real” field. Feel free to contact Murray with your real estate needs.

919.604.0285 Jebmwb97@aol.com