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Security Deposits: A Guide for Landlords in Hillsborough, NC

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You purchase real estate for your rental property business. This requires an investment, but it's not just a one-time cost. You also pay for repairs, maintenance, and renovations.The good news is that you can rent these proper... read more >>

Rent Collection: What To Do If Your Tenants Don't Pay

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There are around six million households that aren't up to date with their rent.When you rent out your property, there's always a risk your tenants won't pay on time.This can lead to significant issues for you. It could... read more >>

The Pros and Cons of Allowing Pets in a Rental Property

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Millions of people have pets and around 78% travel with their furry friends.You may be wondering why this information is important for you to know. As a rental property owner, you must decide if you're going to allow tenants t... read more >>

The Key Steps on How to Run a Background Check on a Tenant

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Imagine a mortgage that pays for itself. This is possible to achieve by renting out a property you own. Florida is one of the best states to do so, as it's a popular location people move to and the average home is worth just o... read more >>
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